☞ Brett Johnson is a comedian based in Boston, but he grew up in Albany, New York and spent three years as a teenager in Nairobi, Kenya. His sly, cerebral joke writing and animated storytelling combine for an act that’s as entertaining as it is confessional. Brett is known for his willingness to explore delicate subjects and expressive physicality, which he developed as a trained actor and improviser.
He’s performed stand up all over the country, including as a featured performer in the Women in Comedy Festival and the Crossroads Comedy Festival in Indianapolis. Locally he produces and hosts the monthly Pavement Comedy Night, a showcase in a coffee shop, as well as The Ellis Room, a comedy show in a Brookline speakeasy. He’s been co-producing the intimate storytelling show Shaves for years, in which comics divulge intensely personal stories in someone’s bedroom or living room. Sometimes he goes by “Bread” but tries to limit his consumption of simple carbohydrates for nutritional reasons.

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He’s also done voiceover, film and commercials, musicals, sketches, directs, teaches, whatever. Here’s his other thing, and his other, older thing.